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Roblin Babydoll Southdowns has now formed a partnership with Cabbage Tree Hill Babydolls and trading as 'Tamar Babydoll Southdowns'.  

Tamar Babydoll Southdowns is located at Beaconsfield, Tasmania.  The final flock of Roblin Babydolls were moved to Cabbage Tree Hill Wines, to join Julie Finnerty's existing flock.  Linda and Rob Power will relocated to Tasmania in the near future.  

If you have any enquires about Tamar Babydoll Southdown sheep, you can call Julie Finnerty on 0408 588 272 or email Linda Power and Julie Finnerty on sheep@tamarbabydolls.com.au



Our lambing season has been busy, with a large number of lambs born this year, many twins.  This winter certainly tested our skills, as it was much harsher and wetter than previous seasons.  The advantage is that with the bouts of warmer weather and sunshine, there is plenty of feed on the ground and this will certainly help our weaned lambs thrive when the time comes.

We have a good number of Babydoll Southdown ram lambs and Babydoll Southdown wether lambs available, plus Babydoll Merinos in ewes and wethers.  All lambs are growing solid and strong.  

If you are interested in purchasing a starting package of a Babydoll Southdown ram lamb and Babydoll Merino ewe lambs or simply a pair of lambs as pets/grass eaters, don't hesitate to contact me to book your lambs, before they are all sold.  

The best thing after all the hard work of the lambing season is over, is watching these bundles of joy, playing in the paddocks and interacting with the other animals on our farm.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Spring.




There has been two articles published  about our Babydolls in vineyards.  Neither article can be viewed on the internet, so I have mentioned the magazines below, for anyone that might be interested.

The Australian & New Zealand Grapegrower & Winemaker Magazine


Tasmanian Farmer


Due to the popularity and demand of the Babydoll Southdowns in vineyards, we are expanding our breeding program and hope to produce more Babydoll Merinos this year.  

Of course, the number of the Babydoll Southdowns are limited each year.  But for any vineyards interested in small sheep, for keeping the grass and weeds under control, we will be offering the Babydoll Merinos as well.  We have sold a number of Babydoll Merino lambs to vineyards already and we have had good reports back on the job they are doing.  

Rob and I are planning a trip to NZ in April and while we are there, we will be visiting Yealands Estate.  Home to some of our Babydolls, that have now become Kiwis.  It will be great to see them working in the vineyard and we hope that will also get to meet, Peter Yealands himself and other members of his staff that have been so helpful with the planning of Babydolls into NZ.  I am so looking forward to visiting Yealands Estate and will certainly make an entry about our visit when we return. 

Luckily, we will have some good people here at home to keep an eye on things for us and especially the Merino ewes, if they decide to start lambing before we arrive home again.  We can't always take a break away, but this was a good opportunity to visit our NZ customer and get some time off before sowing more crops and before the start of our busy lambing times. 

Peter kindly sent me a photo of one of the Babydolls in his vineyard.  It's just a lovely photo and you can tell by the smile, that the Babydolls have settled in very well.







In September 2009, The Weekly Times did a story on our Babydolls.  The link is below for anyone interested in reading the article.  Also, our New Zealand customer has had a number of media releases done on his new arrivals, earlier this year and I have put a link to one of his stories below.  Our next export of Babydolls to New Zealand will go into quarantine next month and then 30 days later, in January, they will arrive at their new home and become Kiwi sheep.

It's been a very busy year and we are in the middle of the hay making season and the weather is warming up.  Soon all our sold lambs will be at their new homes, before the summer weather really hits and we will then be able to work on preparing our ewes for the next joining at the end of January.


The Weekly Times Link:    


New Zealand Media Release Link:




Roblin Babydoll Southdowns has taken another large stride forward, with our first export to New Zealand completed successfully.

We now export Babydoll Southdown sheep to New Zealand's single largest privately owned vineyard.  

The sheep have a big job in front of them to help keep the undergrowth in the vineyard under control and make it more economical and friendly for our New Zealand customer.

He is also interesting in bringing back this lovely breed of sheep to New Zealand and building up the numbers.

We wish our New Zealand customer all the best with his new venture and look forward to helping him build his flock of Babydolls.



Rob has taken some photos of some of the Babydolls lambs.  They seem to grow so fast and develop such a curious little nature.  



Below is a photo Rob took recently of the Babydoll Merino lambs.  



2 August 2008

Today is the day.  The Babydoll ewes have started lambing.  The first lamb to arrive is a single ram lamb.  He has lovely dark colour on his legs and face.  The second ewe to lamb had twins.  Her first is a lighter colour ram lamb and her second is a darker coloured ewe lamb.  These are not identical twins.  All are doing well and the ewes are being great mums.  

I have posted some photos below.  I alway feel that photos don't do the sheep justice, but the photos will give you and idea of what the lambs look like.  We have a lot more ewes to lamb and I wouldn't be surprised if we end up with a ewe lambing every day this month now, until they have all finished for this season.


     First Ewe and her Ram Lamb                                                                                              Second Ewe's Ewe Lamb (Twin)


                                                           Second Ewe and her Ram Lamb (First of the twins)


28 July 2008

I was greeted today with a lovely little ewe lamb.  She is a Babydoll Merino.    

It hasn't been decided yet, but quite possible that I will keep her for our breeding program in the future and breed future Babydoll Southdown lambs.  All going well it will take 4 generations, but it will be worth it.  Her fate as a breeder or pet will be determined later when she is older.

I haven't any good pictures yet, but will post some in the next few days.  


6 July 2008

The lovely little twins below are now available for purchase.  You can find the details on our Sales page.  They will not be able to go to their new home until they are 3 months old, but a deposit can be paid.

They are such active little guys and I can spend ages on our back veranda watching their antics of chasing each other and bouncing around at dusk.  Below is a picture of   how they have grown.  

We still have some Babydoll Southdown ewes to lamb and expect to soon have a lot of new lambs bouncing around and pictures of them will be posted on this page when they start to arrive.  




14 June 2008

Twin ram lambs were born today.  They are Babydoll Merinos.  

The mother of the twins is our black Merino ewe and we were hoping for a black lamb, but they turned out more of the original Babydoll colour.  Still very stunning little lambs.  

The Twins certainly have more of the traits of Babydolls as in, their wrinkly skin, woolly faces and little "old man" looks", plus small size.  

Mum and the lambs are doing well.  I have posted a few pictures on this page when they were newly born, but will up date the photos in the next couple of days.









Lamb 1  and Lamb 2 (Babydoll Merino)




      Merino Ewe & Babydoll Merino Lamb                                                                                              Babydoll Ewe greeting new Lamb



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