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Don't let your lambs get cold this winter!

Take the shelter to them!


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Woolover Lamb Covers are 100% wool covers designed to stretch and grow with newborn lambs promoting survival and growth.


  • Easy to fit.


  • Minimal disruption between bonding of ewe and lamb.


  • Can be left on to tailing with no ill effect. Evidence suggests that increased growth rates result due to additional warmth and lower maintenance requirements.


The basic ingredient in all covers is WOOL, which has several fundamental qualities that are not found in other materials:

  • Wool generates and retains heat when wet.


  • Wool breathes ensuring animals remain warm without sweating under the cover and ensures that the cover dries out.


  • Wool takes on one third of its weight in water drawing water away from the hide of the animal keeping the animal warm and dry.


  • The Woolovers can also be washed and reused between animals.







We have been using Woolovers on our lambs for at least the last three years.  Taking the "shelter" to the lambs, has saved lambs from hypothermia and less disturbance of the bonding process between ewe and newborn lambs.  Therefore, less chance of a rejection of lambs by the ewe.

Woolovers are great to put on bottle fed orphan lambs.  They give that extra protection from the elements, that lambs would normally get from their mother.

When ordering for smaller lambs like the Babydoll, I recommend using the kid/goat covers.  Lamb covers are good for the averaged sized lamb.


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