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Babydoll Southdown Merino Sheep


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2010 Babydoll Southdown Merino 2nd Cross Ewe Lamb and her Babydoll Southdown Merino 1st Cross mother

(Both now gone to good homes for future breeding)


Babydoll Southdown Merino sheep, have been developed to help with the demand of smaller sheep in vineyards.  

We first put our Babydoll Southdown rams over a carefully selected flock of Saxon Merino ewes.  The Saxon Merino was chosen, as this type of Merino is one of the smallest breed of Merinos in Australia.  

The Merino ewe is also known to be a good mother; protective and attentive to her lambs; have plenty of milk and hardy in harsh conditions that can arise within Australia.  Our Merino ewes have proven all these qualities and have produced some lovely, strong lambs.

The Babydoll Southdown Merino lamb can vary in features, but some distinct features of the lambs are:  woolly faces and legs; dark coloured noses; heavier set bodies; some have dark coloured legs and/or coloured patches and black hooves.  These lambs still take on the cute "Teddy Bear" appearance of the Babydoll Southdown.  Especially as a new born, a Babydoll Merino lamb and a Babydoll Southdown lamb, can hardly be told apart.

From our experience with Babydoll Southdown Merinos, the lambs mature at the 60cm at the shoulder mark, therefore, making them much smaller than the average sized breed of sheep in Australia.  The height of 60cm at the shoulders, is the maximum height for a Babydoll Southdown sheep.  Although through our breeding of the Babydoll Southdown Merinos, we now have stock in 3rd & 4th Cross that have matured much smaller.

Another advantage for anyone interested in spinning wool, is that the fleece of the Babydoll Southdown is improved upon, with the Babydoll Southdown Merino.

We keep several ewe lambs each year for our own breeding program.  Therefore, each year we will have Babydoll Southdown Merino lambs available.  For anyone requiring a smaller sheep, they make ideal pets and mowers for grazing in a vineyard or orchard. 


2010 Babydoll Southdown Merino Lambs













These Babydoll  Southdown Merino 1st Cross  wethered boys at 2 months of age, were some of our first Babydoll Southdown Merino lambs.  They are such a beautiful pair of boys and have gone to a lovely family home as pets. 






These two beautiful twin ram lambs were for sale as pets only and have now gone to a lovely home.  They are Babydoll Southdown Merinos.  The boys do have some features of the Babydoll Southdowns, such as woolly faces & legs and of a smaller size. 


Anyone interested in the Babydoll Southdown Merino lambs, please email me for more details and bookings.


Linda & Rob Power

PO Box 426

Cootamundra  NSW  2590

Phone:  02 6942 2707