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Welcome to the home of the cutest sheep in the country.  If you have the room, time and want to love a beautiful animal with a difference, then read on.


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Tamar Babydoll Southdowns is a partnership between Linda Power (formerly Roblin Babydoll Southdowns, NSW) and Julie Finnerty (formerly Cabbage Tree Hill Babydolls, TAS).  

Our stud is located on 50 acres, just on the edge of Beaconsfield, Tasmania.  Situated on the property of Cabbage Tree Hill Wines, that is nestled in the beautiful Tamar Valley.

Linda Power is the founder of Babydoll Southdowns in Australia and owner of former the babydoll stud, Roblin, that was located in the South West region of NSW.  Linda has been breeding these beautiful, charismatic sheep for over 15 years.  The last flock of Roblin babydolls were moved to Cabbage Tree Hill Wines, with the view of Linda and Rob Power relocating to Tasmania in the near future.

Julie Finnerty is the owner of Cabbage Tree Hill Wines and breeder of Babydoll Southdown sheep.  Julie and her husband, Rohan, made the big move from Darwin, NT several years ago and needed some small sheep to eat the grass under the vines.  They purchased their first babydolls from Roblin and this began Julie's passion to breed these adorable, enviro friendly lawn mowers.

Our goal is to continue a successful, viable breeding program for Babydoll Southdown sheep.  These beautiful sheep are still rare in Australia.  We are focused on breeding to continue increasing the number of Babydolls in Australia and give them a stable future.

We are always happy to answer any questions about the Babydolls.  Visitors are welcome to Cabbage Tree Hill Wines and meet the woolly residents, please call or email to make an appointment for an appropriate day and time.


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Tamar Babydoll Southdowns

104 Greens Beach Road

Beaconsfield TAS 7220

Phone:  0408 588 272



Email: sheep@tamarbabydolls.com.au